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CD rip
How to ... load music into iTunes
How to load music from DVD / CD into your iTunes music library. This is the process you’ll follow to load the files we create from your CDs.

iTunes Tune Up
Some tips on getting the best from your music.

iTunes - Greyed Out Exclamation Marks
It’s a common problem, strange symbols pop up when you try to play music, you can’t sync your iPod or Apple TV. Here’s how to overcome the problem.

How to ... Remove Duplicates
How to remove duplicate tracks from your iTunes music library.

How to ... Create Smartplaylist
How to create a smartplaylist, this one filters music to identify music of the 80s. You can use this method to build your own powerful smart playlists.

How to ... move your iTunes Library
This video shows you how to move your iTunes library - a process you’d use if you wanted to relocate your music from its original location to a larger drive, or an external drive.

Technical Data CD ripping service -
: AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, MP3
Device Support: Apple iPod, Sonos, Opus, iMerge
Backup: DVD and/or USB hard drive
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