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It’s a Three Step Process …
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Send us your CDs, just the discs, we don’t need the cases.

We rip your music into a high quality digital music library, with track data, album art and data grooming.

Enjoy your music. We'll return your music backed up on a USB stick or small hard drive. What could be easier?
CD Ripping Service
for Sonos, iPod, iPhone, and home audio systems. Just £1 per CD + return mail.
podServe is endorsed by …
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Why podServe?
Data Grooming
You get a high quality, brilliantly organised music library that's easy to navigate. All part of the service.
We take care of all the details.
You don't have to worry about any of the technicalities of CD ripping; leave it all to us.
What our customers say …
"First class CD ripping service. I'm enjoying music I'd never have found without you."

"Data Grooming is fantastic. All the errors that were frustrating me are now gone."
"Got an iPod for Christmas. Loaded six albums but got bored, so three months later I thought I'd get you to rip the other 250. I'd never have got it done without you."

"Great service, great music, couldn't be easier."
"Getting all my music on my iPod was great. Thought about it for ages, just had to accept I'd never do it myself. You did it without fuss or drama. Thanks also for sorting out how we can listen to music all over the house."
We were the UK's first CD ripping service, we've been ripping CDs for over 14 years. We have been endorsed by the Rough Guide, The Sunday Times & The Daily Telegraph.

We take care of all the details - we convert to Apple Lossless, FLAC, AAC or MP3.
We add comprehensive album, artist, track, genre, composer data and album art.
We return your music library backed up to a USB hard drive or memory stick. We can put your music onto your iPod, repack your CDs to save space, spend time explaining how iTunes works.

CD ripping takes about a week.

We charge on completion.

Your music library will play on a wide range of home audio systems including Sonos. You can also sync with Android smartphones and tablets.
Technical Data
CD ripping service -
AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, MP3
Device Support: Apple iPod, iPad, iPod Touch, Sonos, Opus, iMerge, Android
Backup: USB hard drive / memory stick
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