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Our service, as endorsed by
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CD ripping service
for iPod, Sonos and home audio systems in London / M25.

Just £1 per CD + £15 towards travel costs.

Ring us to fix a date

01277 222 398
07425 151 643
Then …

we'll rip your music into a high quality digital music library, with track data, album art and data grooming.
Finally …

Enjoy your music. We'll return your music backed up on hard drive. What could be easier?
This is what we do as standard:
- Convert your CDs into a high quality music library using AAC, MP3, FLAC or Apple Lossless files at any compression rate
- Data Groom your library to standardise classical composer names, make CD numbering consistent, correct confusion over ‘Greatest Hits’, ‘Best of’ etc.
- Add album art (where possible, this process is not 100% comprehensive) into your music, track by track
- Return your CDs, with your digital library and instructions for loadiing your library into iTunes
Our no-cost options include:
- Downloading your music onto your iPod
- Copying your music library onto a supplied hard drive
Additional cost services include:

- Sourcing hardware to your specification
- Hard copy listing of your music library - £20
- Supply an additional copy library encoded with an alternative Codec, + 20%
- Loading your music onto a home music server or NAS
- Sourcing CD wallets and returning your CDs (along with sleeve notes) in the wallets. We will dispose of the original bulky jewell cases. Cost - CD wallets at cost plus 10p per CD.


If you supply a hard drive to load your music you must back it up first. If you have any CDs that have valued inscriptions (e.g. signed by the artist) take the disc out of the case and just give us the disc. You can also quickly make a record of CDs you give us.
Questions? Ring 01277 222 398, or email
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