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Data grooming CD ripping
Data Grooming - Removing those annoying inconsistencies in your music library.
Our state of the art software looks at your entire library - every track - and corrects these annoying inconsistencies. This is a standard part of our CD ripping service.

Classical Composer Names
Mozart? Or Mozart WA, or WA Mozart or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? Or even all the variations? We have a master list of 100 classical composers and we standardise on surnames only; so names are consistent through your library.

Disc Numbers
(Disc 1) followed by [Disc 2] or Two or 2? Maybe disc sets out of order - 2 coming before 1? We make sure disc numbering is consistent and orderly.

Greatest Hits? Best of?
Have you ended up with one giant “Greatest Hits” or "Best of" album crammed with multiple artists? We simply append the artists name to Best of or Greatest Hits so you get a meaningful, well ordered music library.

Quirky Qualifiers
Bonus Tracks, UK, Import, UK Edition, Live - little qualifiers added at the end of album names. Too much, too confusing. We edit them all away so you just get the album name.

Featuring Fiasco?
Often the main artists name is joined with one or more performers, it’s accurate but it results in multiple entries for each main artist. Beyonce Feat. Jay-Z or Artful Dodger Featuring Lifford David and so on. If that helps you fine, but we can also remove “feat.” plus other distracting data. You get an artists list that’s shorter and easier to navigate. For example on a collection of 400 CDs we were able to remove 240 surplus entries in the artists list. Just let us know if you’d like us to weed out the strays.

Duplicate Albums
Most of us have a couple of copies of an album, and we don’t want you to have to pay twice. So we go through your collection and delete duplicate albums, that means you only pay once and you don’t suffer from having two copies of each track in an album.

Duplicate Tracks
We'll scan through your database just to make sure there's only one copy of each track in each album, just as you'd expect. Should two copies have crept in by mistake we'll keep the higher quality file.

For most people the name of the composer is only significant in the case of classical music. We have the option to delete the composer’s name in everything except classical music, giving you a cleaner source of the music you’re looking for. If you’d like us to do this for you just let us know.

Album Art
We search to find an image of the cover to the original CD and add it to your music, track by track. Technically we go beyond iTunes and actually embed the cover art into the music data file.

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What can Data Grooming do for your music library? Data Grooming in Practice

Client had 445 albums in total, of which 395 were "Classical". Before Data Grooming his library listed 362 composers.

After - our first pass reduced all composer names to a single, consistent entry and total number of composers was reduced to 253. Then, we looked at tracks with no composer attributed and corrected those, this added 15 additional names. A significant reduction in clutter and confusion, each composer appeared just once, under surname.

Technical Data
CD ripping service -
: AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, MP3
Device Support: Apple iPod, Apple iPad, iPod Touch, Sonos, Opus, iMerge, Android
Backup: DVD and/or USB hard drive
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