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We can offer these FREE white papers to enable you to get the best from your digital music and your iPod.
iPod & iTunes Five Minute Tune Up
Improve your music while the kettle boils. Simple instructions, we’ve sent out thousands of copies in the last five years. The latest version covers iTunes Version 9.0 and later.

Music Files De-Mystified
If you’re confused over the choice of MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF or Apple Lossless; or puzzled by compression rates, here’s a handy guide. It’s a simple diagram we’ve been drawing on the back of envelopes for years. Now properly drawn, with some notes added, with the aim of guiding you through this part of the minefield.

How to Save iTunes Playlists
It takes just a few minutes to back up all those precious lists, and avoid the heartache that could follow losing them. Better safe than sorry, back them up now - here’s how.

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