CD Ripping Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are answers to the CD ripping questions we are asked most often. If you need more information you can email us or ring on 08000 407 896.
  • What do you do?
    We will collect your CDs and turn them into a high quality digital music library. Your digital music is supplied backed up on secure DVDs, with the option of a copy on a hard drive.

    Our service is covered in detail in our Service Description.
  • How do you handle duplicates?
    As standard we check your library and make sure there's only one copy of each album in your final library. By a copy we mean an exact duplicate - same album name, same artists, same tracks etc.

    We also check to ensure that even if you have just one copy of an album you only have one copy of each track. It does happen, particularly if we're megring our work with files created previously. Where a duplicate is
  • Cost?
    Just £1 per CD plus £15 towards cost of travel.

    We invoice you when we return your music.

    If we cannot get adequate details for any CD we don't charge for that disc although it will be ripped.
  • How long?
    Please allow a week from collection.

    If you have over 1,000 CDs it may take longer but we'll discuss this when we arrange collection.
  • How many CDs will fit on my iPod?
    Using our normal high quality CD ripping settings 100 CDs will take up 10 Gb of (data) space. So you would be able to get over 1,000 ripped CDs on an iPod Classic.

    If we rip your music into Apple Lossless or AIFF or MP3 formats capacities will be different.
  • Technical data?
    You can leave it to us to take care of the details, or we can discuss your requirements and devise a strategy to suit you.

    As standard we will convert your music into AAC format (designed by Apple for the iPod range) at 256 Kbps (twice the standard iTunes Music Store quality.

    Optionally we can convert into MP3, Apple Lossless, FLAC or AIFF formats. No additional charge for alternative settings.

    Music is returned on high quality DVDs with full instructions for loading your music library.

    Optionally we can put your music onto a USB hard drive, and onto your iPod.
  • Collection
    We collect and return in person.

    We can collect at a time to suit you, including evenings and weekends. You don't need to take your CDs out of their cases.

    To arrange collection all you need do is ring us on 08000 407 896.
  • Where will you collect from?
    In and around London and the M25 area, Essex, Hertfordshire and north Kent.

    Most clients prefer us to collect from their home but we can also collect from your place of work. Same applies to returning music.
  • How can I make a record of the CDs I give you?
    Even if you have several hundred CDs you can do this very quickly with the aid of a digital camera, even the camera in your smartphone.

    Put your CDs in stacks, 20 - 30 tall, with the label edges showing artist and album name facing you. Take a photo with you camera.

    Repeat until all CDs you're having ripped are recorded. This is repeated here - recording your CD collection.
  • Some of my CDs are unique, what should I do?
    Some clients have CDs that have been made special, perhaps signed by the artist or inscribed with a special message. For those we suggest taking the CD out of the case and just giving us the disc to rip. In that way the irreplaceable item remains with you but will be digitised by podServe.

    If you have a CD which is in itself unique make a copy of it yourself before you give it to us.
  • Cloud based libraries?
    We are presently looking at a means of supplying your music to you via clod based storage. Please contact us for more details.
  • Sonos
    We can supply digital music files playable on both Apple iPods and Sonos music systems.

    These file formats will play on both Sonos and iPods - AAC, Apple Lossless and MP3.

    We can also convert to FLAC and AIFF but don't recommend these if you have both Apple and Sonos equipment.
  • Android?
    Yes, you can enjoy your music on an Android smartphone or slate device. Android CD ripping.
  • BlackBerry? PSP?
    Yes, you can enjoy your music on BlackBerry, PSP, and Pre devices thanks to an additional piece of software. Syncing with Android, BlackBerry, PSP and Pre.
  • Two file formats?
    Some clients, owning both a portable music player and a home entertainment system, prefer two copies of their music library. One in a more compressed format to play on an iPod and an uncompressed or lossless format for their Sonos. We can do this, the charge is an additional 10% to cover the cost of the second copy.
  • Payment Options
    We will invoice you when we complete the project. You can pay by cheque or bank transfer, details will be on the invoice.

    If you would like us to source significant amounts of hardware as part of a project we may request that this be paid for sooner.
  • Scratched CDs?
    We can get great results even from poor quality discs thanks to our error correcting CD drives. However there are some discs which are too damaged to rip properly, in these cases you will not be charged.
  • Unknown CDs?
    If you have CDs that aren't recognised, for example your compilation CDs, we will convert the music to digital and label the music with any data that's available. Unless we can get full album data you won't be charged for compilations, but you do get your music.
  • Album art accuracy?
    We have excellent software to obtain album art, but ....

    Not all album art is available. Recent, popular, albums are easiest to find but even so the image may not be what you might expect. from time to time labels change the album art so the image we find may not be exactly the same as the picture you have. Classical music is more difficult to find and so the success rate may not be as good.

    Where do do download album art digital images are embedded into each track. If you need a copy in the album folder we can arrange this, just ask at time of collection.
  • Compressed? Uncompressed? Lossless?
    We can supply either or both.

    Compressed formats enable you to get more music onto your iPod, but at extremes of compression you can lose quality. For this reason we don't drop below 256 Kbps - the loss of quality isn't worth it. Compressed formats are AAC and MP3.

    Uncompressed files hold every bit and byte of data from the original CD. We support AIFF as uncompressed music, this is an exact copy of the CD plus a data wrapper holding album art, track, performer, album, genre etc. Files are very large but the quality is unquestionable.

    Lossless formats use advanced maths to remove surplus data. You get smaller data files without losing any sound quality - the best of both worlds. We support Apple Lossless.
  • Can you convert to FLAC?
    Yes, we now support the FLAC music file format.