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If you are wondering if our service is right for you, look at a few of our case studies …
Best of Both Worlds

850 CDs, Mac, 2 x MacBooks, 2 x iPods, wireless network with music system
This client wanted the highest quality sound in his home, with the best possible sound from iPods in his office and his study.
Solution: Music was ripped to AIFF files for the home music server, which we loaded. A second copy of the music files was made and loaded onto the iPods. In this way our client could listen to music over his home entertainment system or iPods knowing each was of the highest quality.

The Sound of (Family) Music

375 CDs, 2 PCs, 1 laptop, wireless home network This family wanted to enjoy their music through their house, the parents owned iPods plus an expensive hi-fi system. Their son was off to university so wanted to take his music with him. He wasn’t sure if, when funds allowed, he’d buy an iPod or an MP3 player.
They all wanted to pool their music when the family was together.
Solution: The parents music was converted into high quality AAC files and loaded onto the larger PC, which acted as the main music server. Their son’s music was converted into MP3 files (allowing maximum choice of a type of music player) and loaded on his laptop.
iTunes was configured so that when the laptop was on its music was available elsewhere. An Apple AirPort unit was installed and connected to powered speakers so music streamed from the main PC could be heard in the living room.
Banker All Present

175 music CDs, 20 audiobooks
Our client’s husband bought an iPod and loaded 6 CDs himself, ready for a trip to America. When his wife found he’d left the iPod behind she decided she’d hire us to convert the rest of his collection. When he returned home he found his entire music collection and 20 books loaded onto the iPod.
We know he’s a very happy iPod user but we don’t know if his wife ever explained how the CDs were loaded.

International Audiophile

750+ CDs, uncompressed, NAS (network attached storage).
This music lover wants to enjoy the highest quality sound,  ‘future proof’ his music collection. Additionally, having two homes in Europe he wanted to have his music accessible in each location.
The solution was to digitise his music using uncompressed AIFF files, and load onto a 1 terabyte storage system. This device is about the size of a few paperback books yet will hold 1,250 albums. With no loss of data, yet being digital, AIFF files can be converted to any other format and played without drop in sound quality. The storage system has a built-in backup so data won't be lost -  a combination of quality and safety.
Now he has a unit which can be carried from one home to the other, but he plans to buy a second NAS unit so each home contains their full library.
Mobile Consultant

200+ CDs, 60 management tapes, 100 photos and 5 DVDs.
The life of an international business consultant sounds glamorous, but leaving a family for weeks on end can be lonely. Our client wanted reminders of his wife and young son, his music collection and a substantial library of instructional tapes.
We converted the CDs and DVDs, scanned the photos and converted the cassette tapes into digital files. All loaded onto a video iPod, in a protective case. His office PC was set up so his contacts and diary were also loaded onto his iPod. Now he can be entertained, educated and reminded of home whether he’s in Honolulu or Hitchen.
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