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Brennan Loading

Good morning little metal box, how are you?

I see, you're copying from that hard drive onto your internal drive. Still? Isn't that what you were doing yesterday morning? Afternoon? Evening? So it is.

We're loading a client's music from a USB drive into a Brennan unit. This is around 500 CDs worth of MP3 files (has to be MP3, only format Brennan supports) and it's taking FOREVER. In a couple of hours it will be one full day and the dial is showing around 70% complete. Why does it take so long?

I've never taken this type of box apart but I have delved into other single unit CD ripping devices and in my opinion they are all left wanting. But before I criticise this box I should point out that if you use this or any of the other devices in the way they were intended, which is basically one or two CDs loading each evening, they're OK.

First, they're built on a poor operating system. They could use a variant of Microsoft Windows (probably not Apple's OS X for licensing reasons) but for I suspect financial reasons they go for a variant of UNIX. Which can be free.

Second, their internal hardware is not optimised for this task. You don't need vast raw power to play a small MP3 file so why install a beefy Intel chip (which adds expense, huge heat issues, probably extra noise, maybe reliability niggles) when you don't need anything more than the chip that powered your last mobile phone.

Third, non-optimised code. Over the last three years this is a task I've done about four times. And we rip thousands of CDs. Would the typical Brennan user do this? Most probably not and those who do would do it only once, to migrate an old music library across from their PC. So you set the task running, maybe it takes a day or two, but most Brennan owners will be out at work and won't be majorly upset if they lose a day or two listening time.