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Music is more than just what happens on your Mac, PC or iPod - today mobile phones and slate devices powered by Google's Android operating system are surging in popularity. In America more mobile phones are driven by Android than Apple's iOS iPhone; users who intend to invest in an Android phone outnumber iPhone fans.

What's the problem?
Apple have a beautiful system for iPods and iPhones on Macs and PCs. Install iTunes, plug in your unit, sync. Music and movies, just like that.

Except if you have an Android phone and want to take your music with you. iTunes does not support Android.

The Solution
Simple - install an additional piece of software called doubleTwist. This is iTunes for Android and it lets you sync your smartphone with your iTunes music library. It simply handles music and movies, along with your playlists. If your music file format needs to be changed don't worry, it does that for you.

doubleTwist also supports PSP, BlackBerry as well as Android devices.

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