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It's hard to believe that it's now over fifteen years since we launched a CD ripping service. I've lost count of the number of CDs we've collected since those early days of head scratching as we defined the original service.
My son had just graduated and was talking of buying an iPod. I could see the attraction of having all your music in a compact portable music player but I couldn't see him patiently feeding a few hundred CDs into our cranky old PC. It also crossed my mind that many other people would love an iPod with all their music on it but just wouldn't have the time or inclination to rip their CD collection.

I thought, I could do that ....

Talk plain English rather than techno babble, take care of the details, leave clients free to enjoy their music - and charge when the project is complete.

Over the years we've changed the original model. Now we go out to collect / return CDs in person. This personal level of service has given our clients peace of mind and convenience, nobody wants to trust the post unless there's no alternative. It's also been vital to talk to our clients to find out what they need. That's how we added Data Grooming, album art, loading music direct to iPods, and backing up to USB hard drives and Network Attached Storage (NAS) drives; all requested by clients. Along with photo scanning which became a sister service.
We began with just two PCs, today we run six systems each one as powerful as the original duo. We've added new software to handle album art and Data Grooming.

We have won critical acclaim, from the Rough Guide to the iPod, The Sunday Times and The Daily Telegraph. In each case because we delivered great music libraries to journalists.

Just as our computing and CD downloading capacity has increased over the years so too has the music player landscape evolved. At the beginning it was just the basic iPod, today we have iPod Nanos, iPod Touch, the Shuffle and the massive iPod Classic. From just Apple we've dealt with portable players from Archos, Philips, Sandisk and others.

One of the most significant developments has been the introduction of Sonos, it has opened up a new market for CD ripping. At the same time music collections have grown, libraries of 1,000+ CDs have become as common as 200 CDs.

My background? I've spent all of may career in IT, enjoying music along the way. podServe has been a great personal opportunity to combine two passions to make one business. I'm proud of what we do, and the feedback we get from happy music lovers.
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