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The End of Personal Collection

Well, for over fifteen years we've been collecting CDs in person. Now, no longer. Why?

When we started you could get to pretty much any London address in around an hour. Clients appreciated the evening collection slot and that usually was around 19:00. Hour there, collect, 45 to 60 minutes back. It worked well. Today, you can't get anywhere in our collection area in less than 90 minutes, often much longer. Plus people are getting home from work much later so we're being asked to arrive at 19:30 or later. That get's one of us back home at 21:30 or later.

Driving is much more worrying. I don't think I'm the world's best driver but I've been forced to invest in dashcams because if the many, many near misses had turned into a real crash no insurance company would have believed my side of the story. Driving in the present climate has become very stressful and talking to friends and neighbours there are too many stories of accidents with uninsured idiots.

Amazon and Prime. When we started nobody trusted mail or courier services. Things have improved enormously thanks to the reliability of people such as Amazon. When we started mailing CDs was inconceivable, now we know from our sister service mp3bymail that people can and will mail CDs from all over the world.

All this brings two strands together. On the one hand clients no longer feel there's no alternative to personal collection, on the other it's become more onerous than we can handle. 

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