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Collecting CDs in Person

Yes, we collect in person. We've been doing this for coming up to sixteen years. The miles covered, the jams endured, the hours in service stations and my series of clubs (McDonalds). I think I've visited each one in London.

But it's coming to an end, this year.

After December the personal collection / return option will be no more. Simply had enough of it, sorry TfL, I'm sure you're doing your best but traffic moves far slower today than it did when we started. The standard of driving is much lower. I never thought I'd have to invest in a dash cam to record the unbelievable stupidity of some drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

The message is clear, if you want or need personal collection you need to act now. Come December (not sure exactly when in that month) the option will be withdrawn. Until then happy to endure the roads.

After December we'll be mail based. Further details later but when we began thinking about this the possibility of losing clients was a brake on this decision. However for many years we've offered a mail based service and we've also been explaining to anyone who rings that they can mail their discs to us. Whilst many clients love the high service option of collection many are happy to mail or deliver their CDs in person.

This last week we've received over 2,000 CDs either by mail or by personal delivery, so this option works well for many people. We hope it will work well for you too ... but if not, act now while the personal collection option is still on offer.


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