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iPods - impending doom, act now.

Yesterday Apple killed two of their iPod models - the iPod Nano and the iPod Shuffle. Cue some tears.

Mixed feelings here. I could see the point go the Nano and I know it was popular with our clients. Maybe not for "mainstream" high quality music listening but for younger family members, as a gift, as a commute system, for a second home of to leave in the car. Great device.

Shuffle? Never really got it. I know people who got them as a jogging companion or for very small children. No screen, ultra tiny capacity, dull exterior, hit and miss playing experience. Sorry, not one for me and I won't mourn its passing.

Still, if these devices are your thing you might find some left in-stock with retailers if you act really fast. Apple's online store now only offers the iPod touch (which I think is great). Argos are showing both the Nano and the Touch, Amazon are listing Nano, Touch and Classic as available.

Looking to the future the tide is rising and the next inline is clearly supplies of the Classic. With large portable playing capacity and better Digital to Analogue conversion now may be the best if not last time for you to buy.


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