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CD ripping, digital music, music streaming, iPod / iTunes / Sonos - various thoughts, suggestions, ideas, odd ramblings ….

Honestly Craig?

Recently enjoyed a brilliant trip to New York, the end of a great long holiday driving up from Atlanta, Georgia to enjoy Thanksgiving in NYC. As we're sitting in the reception, I mean "lobby" of our hotel in Brooklyn, waiting for a cab to JFK and our flight home I received an email.

Apparently from one Craig Malin via here it is:-

Im looking to set up something similar but around my location, would I be able to ask you a few questions and get some friendly feedback ? Thankyou, Craig.

My response was "Where?". I got this reply.


Sent from my iPhone

Over the last 15 years of CD ripping I've helped many people get into this business. Indeed I produced a how-to-do-it manual that went out to people in Singapore, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Canada and Germany. Originally I thought I might make a fortune selling this, or even operating on a franchise basis. After careful thought I decided not to try to capitalise on that idea but I've tried to help people - if it wasn't going to damage my business.

I have worked with hardware and software companies to solve CD ripping problems and to make the whole business of digital music better for everyone. Sure, I've benefitted from that but so to have other people and companies.

I wasn't sure how to handle this, Craig might have just phoned me, instead he emailed me. Was this something that would help his business and dame mine? While cogitating the cab arrived and off we went into the monsoonal rain and the freeway system.

Still thinking about this one when I got past JFK security I checked my phone the answer was there. My fear that this was just a fishing expedition that would help Craig at my expense was confirmed. This arrived:

I take that as a no?

Sent from my iPhone

Quickly followed by:

We're gonna start in London Too , give you some competition

Sent from my iPhone

It seems my suspicions were justified, this was simply an attempt to get some free business advice at the expense of a competitor. Now I'm relieved I didn't fall for this scam.

So, if at some point in the future you're thinking of asking me for help please bear in mind that Craig Malin's ham fisted attempt to pull the wool over my eyes has left me rather more jaded than I was before. You'll need to start from and establish a position of honesty.


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